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Cookbooks, Magazines and Other References

A well-chosen library of cookbooks and magazines will ensure constant culinary inspiration, from everyday meals to special occasions. Basic reference cookbooks can school you in the classics, while cookbooks written specifically for certain types of kitchen appliances will help you get the most from your equipment.

5 Questions With Arabella Forge, Author of Frugavore
Frugavore Author Arabella Forge shares tips and advice on choosing the best cooking equipment for making healthy, affordable meals.

Top Cookbooks for Families
Cooking for a family has its own set of challenges. Here is a list of the top cookbooks for families.

Top Cookbooks of 2010

From ethnic adventures to lavish sweets, to time-saving tricks, there is something for all types of cooks in the crop of cookbooks published in 2010. This roundup shares the top cookbooks published in 2010.

Best Cookbooks for Wedding Gifts
A good, definitive cookbook makes an excellent wedding gift - you know it's something that the bride and groom will likely keep and consult for years, and there's something special about knowing that your gift will be the source for a lifetime of wonderful meals that they'll enjoy together. Here are some of the best cookbooks to give as wedding gifts. While many of these books are also available…

Review Your Favorite Basic Cookbook
What is your favorite basic cookbook? Write a cookbook review of the cookbook you turn to the most. See submissions

Favorite Celebrity Chef Cookbooks - Your Favorite Celebrity C…
It seems like every celebrity chef has a cookbook out. Readers share which celebrity chef cookbooks are their favorites, and why.

New Celebrity Chef Cookbooks
Some of America's favorite celebrity chefs and food personalities will be peddling their cookbooks this fall, including Michael Symon, Thomas Keller, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Alton Brown. Whether you're getting a head start on gift shopping or simply looking to expand your own library, these books will make a welcome addition to any...

Book Review - Knives Cooks Love
A definitive guide to kitchen cutlery, Knives Cooks Love, by kitchenware retailer Sur La Table and Sarah Jay, will help you choose the right cutlery for your needs and learn how to properly use it. Read the review of Knives Cooks Love.

New Food Magazine Alert
One of the newest food magazines focuses on healthy, all-natural cooking.

Book Review – Knives Cooks Love
A definitive guide to kitchen cutlery, Knives Cooks Love, by kitchenware retailer Sur La Table and Sarah Jay, will help you choose the right cutlery for your needs and learn how to properly use it. Read the review of Knives Cooks Love.

Cookbooks Review - Things Cooks Love
The new cookbooks published by cookware retailer Sur La Table, Things Cooks Love, is an unusual cookbook organized by implement rather than type of recipe. Read the review of this great reference cookbook.

Ice Cream Recipes Cookbook Review - The Ultimate Ice Cream Book
The Ultimate Ice Cream Book includes ice cream recipes, sorbet recipes, and ice cream drink recipes. Ice cream recipes in the book range from simple and traditional to unusual.

Ice Cream Recipes Cookbook Review - Recipe of the Week: Ice Cream
Unusual ice cream recipes like Basil Gelato and Saffron Ice Cream are included in Sally Sampson's book, Recipe of the Week: Ice Cream. This book of ice cream recipes offers recipes for more than 50 different ice creams, sorbets, gelatos and granitas, one for each week of the year.

Book Review: Alton Brown's Gear for Your Kitchen
Fans of Alton Brown's geeky-but-informative television show, Good Eats, will feel like they're getting a personalized kitchen makeover from the cooking guru himself when they read Alton Brown's Gear for Your Kitchen, a comprehensive guide to cooking equipment.

Cookbook Review: The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook
Cookbook authors Hensperger and Kaufmann want to show you that your rice cooker is good for far more than just making rice. This book, with 250 recipes, will show you just how versatile and useful this appliance can be.

Cookbook Review: Pressure Cooking for Everyone
A handy reference for those new to the concept of pressure cooking, Pressure Cooking for Everyone offers a well-rounded assortment of recipes.

Cookbook Review: Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Recipes for Entertaining
Filled with mouthwatering photographs and equally tantalizing descriptions, this cookbooks will have you speed-dialing your closest friends to invite them over.

Cookbook Review: 125 Best Food Processor Recipes
Cookbook author George Geary wants to make sure you get your money's worth from your food processor, and he's put together 125 recipes that will give your machine a workout.

Top Appliance Cookbooks
A good kitchen appliance can be used in a multitude of ways. Appliance-focused cookbooks can help you explore the versatility of your equipment and discover new ways to make the most of your investment. Here are some of the best cookbooks to broaden your horizons.

101 Cookbooks
Cookbook author Heidi Swanson keeps a detailed blog of meals she's prepared, both from cookbooks and of her own invention. Recipes are included on the blog.

Healthy Cooking Techniques from the Natural Gourmet Institute
Healthy cooking is easier if your kitchen is equipped with the right healthy cooking tools. Here, Annemarie Colbin, founder of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, answers some questions about healthy cooking techniques and equipment needed to make healthier meals.

iCookbook Cooking App
The iCookbook cooking app is full of innovative features like voice-activated controls, a notes section for each recipe, and the ability to scale ingredient quantities. Read a review of the iCookbook cooking app.

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