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Food Processor Cookbook Review: 125 Best Food Processor Recipes


125 Best Food Processor Recipes
Robert Rose

125 Best Food Processor Recipes

By George Geary

Robert Rose, Inc. 2005


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If you've got a food processor, chances are you only use it for the basics—pureeing foods, chopping vegetables, maybe putting together biscuit dough. But cookbook author George Geary wants to make sure you get your money's worth, and he's created a food processor cookbook featuring 125 recipes that will give your processor a workout.

Geary's book is helpful for food processor newbies and inexperienced cooks—his introductory chapter outlines the parts step-by-step, describes other basic equipment your kitchen should be stocked with, and helpfully defines and describes different ingredients used throughout the book, what forms are best to use (i.e. whole milk vs. skim milk), and tips on how to prep them for the easiest processing.

The recipes include elegant appetizers from Geary's days as a hotel chef, basic staples like mayonnaise ("If you've never tasted fresh homemade mayonnaise, you are in for a treat," writes Geary.), salad dressings, entrees, vegetable dishes, yeast breads, cookies, sauces and more.

Recipes are easy to follow and use commonly found ingredients. Some of the dough recipes, such as the breads, cookies and frostings, will make users realize their food processor can perform the work of a stand mixer or hand mixer, while other recipes, like soups and mousses, eliminate the need for a blender. Particularly helpful is a basic pastry dough recipe, a necessity in any home cook's arsenal, and a traditional salsa recipe that, once the technique is mastered, can be adapted to use your favorite chiles and ingredients.

Recipes are accompanied by sidebars with tips, serving suggestions and variations. Note: you'll need a kitchen scale to make the recipes in this book; many measurements are measured in ounces or grams, rather than cups.

While Geary's techniques probably won't surprise seasoned cooks, this collection of recipes will definitely help maximize the use of your food processor.

Recipe Highlights

  • Salmon Herb Mousse on Stone Ground Crackers
  • Chanterelle Oyster Bisque Soup
  • Potato Chip Chicken
  • Seafood Pate
  • Portobello Mushroom Lasagna
  • California Wine and Cheese Bread
  • Pecan Pumpkin Harvest Cookies
  • Lemon Mist Cheesecake
  • Roasted Red Pepper Velvet Sauce

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