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Cooking Equipment Terms

From chinois to saucier, these definitions of cooking terms will help you navigate your way around even the most well-equipped kitchen.

What is a Rondeau Pan?
Definition and uses of a rondeau pan.

What is an Offset Spatula?
Definition of and ways to use an offset spatula.

What is a Ricer?
An explanation of a ricer, and what it is used for.

What is Tempered Glass?
Learn about tempered glass and why it's useful in the kitchen.

Mandoline Slicer
learn the definition of a mandoline slicer.

What is Silicone?
Learn the definition and properties of silicone and why it's so good for cooking equipment.

What is BPA?
Learn more about BPA and how it relates to cooking equipment.

What is a chinois? A chinois is a fine mesh strainer that chefs use to strain custards, soups and sauces

Spider Utensil
Definition of a spider, a kitchen utensil.

Definition of Anodized
Definition of anodized cookware.

What is a Food Mill?
Learn about food mills.

Guide to Metal Serveware and Flatware
Learn about the metals used for serving pieces and flatware.

Guide to Dinnerware Materials
Learn the difference between stoneware, porcelain, bone china and other dinnerware materials.

Definition: Seasoned Cookware
What does it mean when cookware is seasoned?

FAQ: What is a pizza peel?
Definition of a pizza peel and how it is used to make pizza.

Definition: Bench Scraper
Learn what a bench scraper or pastry scraper is.

What is Convection Cooking?
A definition of convection cooking and how to adjust recipes.

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