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Cookware & Cutlery

Pots and pans, cutlery and other cookware items are indispensable in any kitchen. Learn about different cookware and cutlery shapes, read reviews of cookware and cutlery items and find recipes to cook with various pots and pans.

Is There Eco-Friendly Nonstick Cookware?
Learn about the best environmentally responsible choice in nonstick cookware.

Company Profile: Calphalon
A review of cookware company Calphalon

Review of RSVP Endurance Double Boiler (1 quart)
A conveniently sized double boiler that doubles as a small saucepan.

Nonstick vs. Uncoated Cookware: Which Should I Choose?
Nonstick or Uncoated Cookware? This will help you choose.

Product Spotlight – Mario Batali Cutting Boards
A first look at Mario Batali's cutting board line.

10 Ways to Use Your Kitchen Shears
Use your kitchen shears more often with these 10 ideas.

Shopping For Kitchen Shears
Tips and product suggestions for buying kitchen shears.

First Look: Fiesta Cookware
Homer Laughlin introduces a line of Fiesta cookware.

Company Profile: Lodge Cast Iron
A profile of Lodge Manufacturing Company, maker of Lodge Cast Iron cookware.

Caring for Kitchen Knives: Dos and Don'ts
Learn the best ways to take care of your kitchen knifes.

Review: Victorinox Swiss Classic Chef's Knife
A review of the Victorinox Swiss Classic Chef's Knife, which has stellar performance for a great price.

What is a Forged Knife?
Learn what a forged knife is and how to tell if a knife is forged.

Company Profile: Fissler
Read a profile of Fissler, the German manufacturer of cookware and pressure cookers.

Crepes with Salmon, Arugula and Yogurt Sauce
An easy but elegant recipe for crepes filled with salmon and arugula.

Review: Swiss Diamond Crepiere Crepe Pan
Read a review of Swiss Diamond's Crepiere Crepe Pan.

Company Profile: All-Clad Metalcrafters
Learn more about All-Clad, one of the industry's most respected cookware brands.

What is PFOA?
Should you be concerned about PFOA in your nonstick cookware?

Bialetti Aeternum Nonstick Cookware Review
Bialetti Aeternum Cookware is a great eco-friendly choice for nonstick cookware.

Lemon-Garlic Roast Chicken
Make this simple roast chicken recipe in a cast iron skillet.

Anolon Nouvelle Copper Cookware
Three types of metals make up the construction of Anolon Nouvelle Copper Cookware. Read the review to see just how well the thoughtful design works.

What Cookware is Compatible with Induction Cooktops?
Induction cooking is all the rage, but is your cookware ready to join the trend? Find out how to tell what cookware is compatible with induction cooktops.

Wusthof Deli Knife - A Perfect Bread Knife
This Wusthof knife is an ideal bread knife for slicing tall bread machine loaves. This bread knife can also be used to slice tomatoes

5 Questions with Guy Fieri
Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri has a line of cutlery and grilling tools, created in partnership with Ergo Chef. About.com talks to him about his product line and his thoughts on some of the best cooking equipment on the market.

Readers' Choice 2011 Finalists: Best Cookware
The finalists for the best cookware brand of 2011 in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards. Read on for a description of each finalist for Best Cookware Brand.

Readers' Choice 2011 Finalists: Best Cutlery
The finalists for the best cutlery brand of 2011 in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards. Read on for a description of each finalist for Best Cutlery Brand.

Company Profile: Saladmaster
Saladmaster is a line of cookware and other cooking equipment that can only be purchased through an authorized dealer. Read a profile of Saladmaster and its product line.

Nonstick Cookware Tips: How to Use and Care for Nonstick Cookware
Follow these tips for the best results with nonstick cookware.

Choosing a Cutting Board
Cutting boards range in terms of size, price and what they're made of. Here's what you need to know to choose the best cutting board for your needs.

Do I need a Santoku Knife?
Santoku knives have been very popular for the past few years, but do you really need one? This article can help you decide whether you need a santoku knife.

Kitchen Cutlery Buying Guide
Buying kitchen knives and cutlery can be confusing and frustrating – there are so many choices, shapes and prices. This guide will help you pick the best knives and cutlery for your needs.

Swiss Diamond Nonstick Cookware Review
A review of Swiss Diamond nonstick cookware, a pricey but high-quality option.

2009 National Cornbread Festival - A Photo Tour
The National Cornbread Festival is an annual festival devoted to all things cornbread. It is held every April in South Pittsburg, TN, the city that's also home to the headquarters of Lodge Manufacturing, makers of cast iron cookware. Take a photo tour of this year's National Cornbread Festival.

Guide to Cutlery and Kitchen Knives
Having the right knife for the job can make cooking easier and more enjoyable. If you're confused by different cutlery shapes, this guide will help you navigate the confusing world of cutlery and figure out which pieces you need for the type of cooking you do.

Choosing and Buying the Best Cookware
Know which cookware pieces you need and how to choose the best cookware metals for your needs. This article will help you pick the best cookware for your kitchen.

How to Care for and Clean Cookware
Your cookware is probably the hardest-working cooking equipment in your kitchen, and it can also be the most challenging to keep clean. Follow these tips for how to clean cookware, from cast iron to stainless steel to nonstick. It's also a good idea to refer to the cookware manufacturer's instructions or website to find out specific recommendations on how to clean your cookware.

Caphalon Panini Grill Pan With Press
The Calphalon Panini Grill Pan comes with a panini press to make crusty sandwiches with perfectly melted fillings. Read a review of the Calphalon Panini Grill Pan with Press.

Guide to Cookware Shapes
Pots and pans come in many different shapes, each with specific features that make it ideal for certain techniques and types of recipes. This cookware guide will help you identify the characteristics of the wide range of pots and pans, and what purpose each piece of cookware is best suited for.

Blueberry Cornmeal Skillet Pie with Dutch Crumble Topping
This rustic berry pie cooks in a cast iron skillet.

Recipe for Tri Tip Steak with Green Olives
A steak recipe made in a cast iron pan.

Cast Iron Cooking Tips
How to cook with and care for cast iron.

A Look at the Cat Cora Cooking Equipment LIne
Iron Chef Cat Cora has introduced a line of cooking equipment that includes cookware, utensils, cutting boards and cutlery. Here's a look at the line of Cat Cora cooking equipment.

Definition of Anodized
Definition of anodized cookware

7 Induction Compatible Cookware Lines
A variety of induction compatible cookware lines.

What is the best way to store cutlery?
The best ways to store kitchen cutlery.

Definition of a mezzaluna cutter.

What is a Bird Beak Knife?
Learn about a bird beak or tourne knife.

Definition: Seasoned Cookware
What does it mean when cookware is seasoned?

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