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Sausage Making Tips

Follow these tips for better results in sausage making


Home sausage making is an easy and enjoyable culinary activity. Check out my step by step instructions on sausage making, then perfect your craft with these sausage making tips, offered by expert sausage makers Dick Faller and Jean Lamunier, of Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe in Santa Fe.

  • To make turkey sausage, use the richer, moister thing meat, and grind the meat with the skin on.

  • For chicken sausage, combine the ground meat with heavy cream or whole milk to keep it from tasting dry.

  • Keep meat cold as you're working with it. This not only keeps bacteria from growing, but also makes it easy to grind and helps it keep its texture.

  • To test the flavor of the sausage, cook a small chunk of the mixture before you stuff it into the casings, and taste the cooked sausage. This way you can adjust the flavorings before you make the sausage links.

  • Refrigerate the uncut string of raw, finished sausages uncovered, overnight to allow them to dry out a little. This makes them easier to cut into separate links and will help prevent them from falling apart or splitting when they're cooked.

  • Sausages are most appealing (both visually and flavor-wise) when they're grilled, broiled or fried until the casing is browned.

  • To clean your meat grinding attachment, grind a couple of pieces of white bread through the sausage maker to get most of the meat particles out, then wash it in very hot, soapy water. Let dry completely before putting it away.

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