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How to Butterfly a Turkey Breast


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Cut Away Excess Skin and Fat
How to Butterfly a Turkey Breast

Cut away excess skin and fat.

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Knowing how to properly butterfly a turkey breast will allow you to make a wide range of elegant turkey dishes by filling and rolling the breast. Follow these instructions to learn how to butterfly a turkey breast and make a turkey breast roulade. You can use these instructions to successfully make turkey breast recipes like Pesto Turkey Breast Roulade.

Begin with a boneless turkey breast. Many, like the one shown in this photo, already come rolled and tied or wrapped in string netting, so you'll need to remove the netting and the pop-up thermometer, if there is one. Unroll the breast and lay it on a cutting board. Use a boning knife, a utility knife or a paring knife to cut away any remaining skin by sliding the knife underneath the edge of the skin and pulling the skin away while simultaneously slicing the knife along the membrane that holds the skin to the meat.

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