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How to Make Yogurt in an Electric Yogurt Maker


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How to Make Yogurt - First, Measure and Heat the Milk
How to Make Yogurt
Jessica Harlan

It's not hard to make your own homemade yogurt in an electric yogurt maker, and the results are well worth the effort - you can choose the type of milk you like, from fat-free to whole milk, organic or locally grown or conventional, and you can create flavors to suit your palate.

These instructions should work for most automatic yogurt makers that have individual glass or plastic containers, but make sure to read your machine's instruction booklet for instructions specific to your machine. To make yogurt in a machine that has seven 6-ounce containers, you will need 42 ounces of milk (whole or 2 percent milk work best) and 6 ounces of plain yogurt containing live active cultures. It is very important to use fresh, plain, unflavored yogurt, and the freshest, best-quality milk you can find. The quality of your yogurt will depend on the quality of the ingredients you start out with.

To begin, pour 42 ounces of milk into a saucier pan or a saucepan and heat it over medium heat.

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