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Having the right tool for the job is half the battle in becoming a better cook. Check here for must-have kitchen tools and the latest gadgets and accessories, as well as ideas on how to use them.
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Definition: Bench Scraper
Learn what a bench scraper or pastry scraper is.

Must-Have Kitchen Utensils
Shop for these must-have kitchen utensils

Review: OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner
Read a review of OXO's salad spinner, redesigned.

What is a Food Mill?
Learn about food mills.

Shopping for Measuring Spoons
The basics on choosing the best measuring spoons.

Shopping For Measuring Cups
What you need to know to buy the best measuring cups.

Review: Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer
The Misto reusable oil sprayer helps you be more eco-conscious and healthier at the same time.

Shopping for Kitchen Scales
What to know when choosing a kitchen scale.

Review of the OXO Food Mill
A review of the OXO Food Mill, ideal for pureeing baby food and cooked fruits and vegetables.

Review of the PoachPod Egg Poacher
A review of the PoachPod, a tool for making foolproof poached eggs.

Review: Sil-Pin French Style Rolling Pin
A review of a silicone rolling pin.

Review: Zyliss Easy Twist Apple Corer
The Zyliss Easy Twist Apple Corer has a feature that makes coring apples easier.

Colander Roundup
A roundup of colander options to buy.

Shopping for Colanders
Uses these tips to buy the best colander for your needs.

Essential Garlic Tools
Innovative tools for working with garlic.

Product Spotlight: GarlicCard
A clever design for a garlic grater.

Cherry-It Pitter by Progressive International
The Cherry-It Pitter is easy to use for pitting multiple cherries at once.

Tools for Cooking with Fresh Herbs
These cook's tools will make it easier to cook with fresh herbs.

Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool
Read a review of the Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool, which has several functions for working with citrus peel and zest.

Review: JuiceLab Citrus Juicer by NewMetro Design
A review of the JuiceLab Citrus Juicer, a manual juicer by the makers of BeaterBlade.

Progressive International Magnetic Measuring Spoons
A review of Progressive International's Magnetic Measuring Spoon Set.

Shopping for Graters
Learn all about graters and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Shopping for Kitchen Tongs
Kitchen tongs are one of the most indispensable pieces of cooking equipment. Learn more about this tool and see some of the best models available.

Whisks Buyers Guide
Learn about the different shapes and types of whisks, and what each one is best used for.

Review: TofuXpress Tofu Press
The Tofu XPress can efficently press the liquid out of tofu blocks, creating a firmer, denser texture ideal for baking or frying.

Review: Zyliss Baster
The Zyliss baster has a number of features that make it one of the most user-friendly basters on the market.

Tools to Make a Better Turkey
These kitchen tools can help you make the tastiest Thanksgiving turkey yet - and it's easier than you think.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker
The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is a tool for making homemade ice pops in less than 10 minutes.

Microplane Twist 'n' Grate
The Microplane Twist 'n' Grate is a double-sided collapsible grater that is

Company Profile: OXO International
OXO is one of the the best-known manufacturers of kitchen tool. Known for its "universal design" philosophy, OXO products are comfortable and easy to use. Read on to learn more about OXO.

Company Profile: Microplane
Microplane is the manufacturer of graters and zesters. Originally a woodworking tool, learn more about how microplane graters became a kitchen must-have.

Clever Tools to Help Store and Serve Leftovers

Thanksgiving turkey, holiday ham, or even the rest of Wednesday night's casserole… leftovers can be challenging to deal with. How to keep them neatly packed, fresh and easily identified in the fridge? These tools will help you store your leftovers easily so that they won't go to waste.

iPhone and iPad Apps for Cooking and Recipes
The iPhone is fast becoming one of the most important tools in the kitchen, with apps for recipes, grocery lists, nutrition and more. Write a review of iPhone apps for cooking and recipes that you use. See submissions

Product Spotlight - Pyrex Kitchen Tools
Glass bakeware company Pyrex has launched a line of 40 kitchen tools, each with a functional and intuitive design. The line of Pyrex kitchen tools includes measuring cups, utensils, graters, colanders and more.

Calphalon Apple Corer Mini-Review
The Calphalon Apple Corer has an innovative plunger design that easily ejects the apple core from the tube. Read the mini-review of this apple corer.

OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer (Item 1071480)
A mandoline slicer can make your cooking look more professional. The OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer has some nice safety features and is easy to use, once you master the basics.

Are wooden spoons sanitary?
Are wooden spoons sanitary? Yes - wood is highly antibacterial. Tips on caring for and cleaning wooden spoons and wooden cutting boards.

10 Kitchen Gadgets and Kitchen Tools Every Cook Needs
Whether they're a classic design or an innovative invention, these tools are ones that will make your work easier, your cleanup faster, your results better and more professional. Here are 10 kitchen gadgets that your kitchen shouldn't be without.

A Vegetable Peeler for Everyone
Progressive's Ultimate Peeler is a vegetable peeler and potato peeler that adjusts to work as both a traditional straight vegetable peeler or a Y-peeler.

A Perfect Bread Knife
Learn more about one of the best knives available for slicing bread-machine loaves.

Shopping for Vegetable Peelers
A guide to shopping for vegetable peelers, with some well-designed options to buy.

The Best Potato Ricer
In a comparison of several types of potato ricers, a Kuhn Rikon version wins for its ergonomic design and ease of use.

Using a Potato Ricer
A potato ricer looks like a giant garlic press and works much in the same way—smashing chunks of boiled potato to make smooth, creamy mashed potatoes. Here's how.

Pastry Pro Pastry Blender
The Pastry Pro Pastry Blender is a durable pastry blender. This pastry blender will make it easy to make flaky, perfect biscuits, pie crust and other pastry.

Fresh Herb Saver
If you're sick of your fresh herbs wilting before you can use them up, this gadget promises to keep herbs fresh for up to 3 weeks.

What is an Offset Spatula
Definition and uses of an offset spatula.

Definition of a mezzaluna cutter.

All About Pastry and Basting Brushes
A guide to pastry and basting brushes.

First Look: Cookina Cooking Sheets
Learn about the Cookina line of reusable cooking sheets.

FAQ: What is a pizza peel?
Definition of a pizza peel and how it is used to make pizza.

Shopping for Cooking Utensils
Learn about buying spoons, spatulas, ladles and other utensils.

Liquid Measuring Cups Buyers Guide
Learn about liquid measuring cups.

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