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Tools to Make a Better Turkey


At Thanksgiving, the turkey is the star of the show, but so often it's dry, bland and unevenly cooked. This year, resolve to make a better turkey. These tools can help you make your best bird ever, whether they make handing a turkey easier, or actually improve the flavor or texture of your bird. And then make sure you have all the tools you need for the rest of your meal with the Thanksgiving Cooking Tools Checklist.

1. Sili Gourmet Turkey Sling

Sili Gourmet Turkey Sling
William Bounds Ltd.
Place this silicone sling across the bottom of your roasting pan and set your turkey on top. When it's time to move the cooked turkey to the platter or carving board, just grab the handles to easily move it out of the pan. The sling can hold up to an 18-pound turkey, and is dishwasher safe and heat safe up to 500˚F. The rest of the year, you can use it for briskets or other roasts or delicate whole fish.
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2. Zyliss Baster

Zyliss Baster
Plenty of features and design elements sets this turkey baster above the rest. It's got an angled tip to help suck up every bit of drippings from the pan, even from corners, and the bulb has a built-in stand to keep it from rolling off the counter. It comes with an interchangeable injection tip so that you can inject marinades, seasoning or drippings into the turkey to add flavor and moisture. A cleaning brush is included and stores within the baster tube.

3. Spanek Vertical Turkey Roaster

Try roasting your turkey upright for a crisp-skinned bird that cooks in a fraction of the time as it would lying horizontal in a roasting pan. The Spanek Vertical Turkey Roaster will hold an 18-pound bird and fits even in smaller ovens, as long as there's a 10-inch clearance.

4. Turkey 101 Kit

Turkey 101 Kit
Whether it's your first time attempting to roast a turkey, or if you just need some new insight, Elizabeth Karmel's Turkey 101 Kit has everything you need. It includes a silicone turkey lifter, an angled silicone basting brush, an instant-read thermometer, food-safe plastic gloves and a book with tips and recipes.

5. The FoodLoop

Fusion Brands
Reusable silicone strands are easier to secure than kitchen string, and won't stick to the cooked food like string can do. They're ideal for securing drumsticks close to the body to help with even cooking. Try the FoodLoop Lace (Compare Prices), a silicone string with built-in needle, for sewing closed your turkey's stuffing cavity. The FoodLoop is also great for roasts, turkey roulades and other applications.
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6. Taylor Wireless Remote Thermometer

Taylor Wireless Remote Thermometer
Taylor Precision Products
Taking the turkey out of the oven when it hits just the right temperature is key for a turkey that's moist and tender, but safe to eat. Taylor's Wireless Remote Thermometer can work up to 200 feet away, indicating that a certain temperature has been reached with a light, sound or vibration. It will measure temperatures ranging from 32˚F to 450˚f. The remote unit can be worn with a lanyard or a clip, and also has a magnet or a built-in stand. The thermometer can also be used as a timer for up to 40 hours.

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