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Indoor Grills--Contact Grills, Tabletop Grills, Grilltops and Griddles

You won't need a patio to grill food if you have an indoor grill. Here are details on the different tabletop and contact grilling appliances available, recipes for grilled dishes, and tips on using your grill.
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Indoor Grill Cooking Tips
These indoor grill cooking tips will help you get delicious outdoor-grilled taste with a countertop or stovetop indoor grill. Use these indoor grill cooking tips next time you grill anything from a burger to vegetables.

Indoor Grill Cooking Tips - Your Indoor Grill Cooking Tips
Do you have some great indoor grill cooking tips? Share your tips with other readers on what grill you use, your favorite things to prepare, and more tips on cooking with an indoor grill.

Mastering Meat Grilling
To get indoor-grilled results as close as possible to an actual charcoal grill, follow these tips for grilling steaks and other meats.

For anyone who hates the tedious task of cleaning the grooves on your indoor grill, here's a gadget that can help.

Healthy Indoor Grilling
Grilled foods taste great, but the best part is that it's healthy too! A Registered Dietitian offers tips and recipes for healthy grilled meals.

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