1. Food

Taking Care of Your Cooking Equipment

From cleaning hard-to-reach crevices to keeping food-processor blades sharp, find information here on keeping your small appliances and other kitchen tools in tip-top shape.

How to Organize Your Kitchen
Tips on how to organize your cooking equipment.

10 Cooking Equipment No-Nos
Taking good care of your cooking equipment, and using it correctly, will help your equipment last longer and will make you a better cook. Avoid these habits in the kitchen.

How to Care for and Clean Cookware
Your cookware is probably the hardest-working cooking equipment in your kitchen, and it can also be the most challenging to keep clean. Follow these tips for how to clean cookware, from cast iron to stainless steel to nonstick. It's also a good idea to refer to the cookware manufacturer's instructions or website to find out specific recommendations on how to clean your cookware.

Does the blade on a food processor or blender ever need to be replaced?
Do food processor or blender blades ever need to be replaced or sharpened? This article explains how to clean and care for food processor and blender blades.

Are wooden spoons sanitary?
Are wooden spoons sanitary? Yes - wood is highly antibacterial. Tips on caring for and cleaning wooden spoons and wooden cutting boards.

How to Clean a Waffle Maker
Waffles are a welcome breakfast treat on a Sunday morning…but what's not welcome is the task of cleaning the gunked-up waffle maker. Follow these tips to keep your waffler as good as new.

Appliance Manual Storage Tips
It's hard to keep track of those instruction booklets that come with your kitchen appliances, but you never know when you'll need to refer to them or check on warranty information. This article offers tips on storing and organizing your paperwork.

10 Reasons to Read Your Product Manuals
Housewares Guide Mariette Mifflin explains why you shouldn't throw out those product manuals.

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