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Review of the OXO Food Mill

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OXO Food Mill
A food mill can make a puree that’s smoother than that from a food processor, because it strains out most skins, seeds and other solids. The OXO Food Mill has some clever design features that make it easy and convenient to use.

About the OXO Food Mill

Like all products designed by the team at OXO International, the food mill is full of clever, ergonomic features. The company’s trademark “Good Grips” material coats the handle, the crank knob and the legs of the food mill, so it’s comfortable to hold and crank, even with wet or slippery hands, and the legs don’t slip on the bowl that they’re resting on. The legs are hinged so that they fold flat under the mill for storage, and they expand to fit a bowl as large as 11 inches. The mill comes with three discs for a choice in texture, from chunky to very fine and smooth. The discs are easy to put in and remove, since the crank and paddle are on a spring-loaded bar that locks into place and disengages with the push of a lever.

The OXO Food Mill to the Test

Easy to assemble, operate and clean, I found the OXO Food Mill a pleasure to use. It assembles quickly and securely, with the bar that holds the paddle in place locking easily into place, and “This side up” is printed right on the discs so that there’s no chance of assembling it wrong. I particularly like the three hinged legs, which holds the mill securely over a mixing bowl or pot. The weight is balanced and evenly distributed so there’s little chance of the bowl tipping if you put too much weight on the mill as you’re cranking.

I found that it’s best if only about a cup or two of food is put into the bowl at a time, and you still need to scrape down the sides occasionally with a spatula. It would be nice if the grinding surface and paddle were larger, to process more food at once. The angled paddle sweeps across the food, pressing it through the mill into a bowl or pan below, and depending on which sized disc you use, it does a great job at filtering out seeds, skins and other undesirable chunks. The crank is easy to operate, and comfortable, with its generously sized knob, which swivels independently as the crank rotates.

I tried the food mill on tomato sauce, applesauce, homemade ketchup, baby food, pumpkin puree and other cooked-vegetable concoctions, and it unfailingly produced a smooth, uniform puree. As long as you rinse it immediately before residue has a chance to dry and harden, it’s fairly easy to clean, and with the exception of the handle, which doesn’t fold, it stores as compactly as a small saucepan.

For parents who want to make their own baby food, people into home preservation like jam-making and canning, and gourmet home cooks who like making coulis and other fancy sauces and purees, the OXO Food Mill is a useful and effective kitchen tool.

The Details


  • A grippy coating on the handles and legs make it comfortable to operate and keeps it from slipping.
  • Easy to assemble and change discs thanks to a spring-loaded lever.
  • Easy to clean.


  • A little small: large quantities of food will need to be processed in batches.


    • Bowl and bowl and grinding discs made of stainless steel
    • Non-slip coating on handle, legs and crank
    • 2.3-quart capacity
    • Comes with 3 grinding discs for different textures
    • Legs hinged for storage, fits bowls up to 11 inches in diameter
    • Dimensions are 14.75- by 10.25- by 7.25-inches; 3 lbs. 10 oz.
    • Dishwasher safe
  • The product reviewed was purchased by the author.

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