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Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker

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Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker
Marcato Atlas

The Bottom Line

This elegant machine turns out delicious handmade pasta the old-fashioned way.
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  • Sturdy design and construction
  • Easy to use dial to adjust thickness of the pasta sheets


  • Hard to use without two people
  • Detachable handle sometimes falls out when cranking


  • Detachable cutter to make fettuccine and tagliolini
  • Removable hand crank works both the roller and cutter
  • Built of chrome-plated steel

Guide Review - Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker

Homemade pasta is a pleasure everyone should enjoy occasionally. And the Atlas Marcato Pasta Maker is an authentic, old-school way to do so. This beautiful little machine is fun to use, especially if you've got kids in the house, and it makes beautiful hand-rolled pasta. Plus it’s less expensive than a motorized pasta maker or a stand mixer attachment.

The machine clamps to a counter edge. A removable crank turns the rollers, which adjust to 9 degrees of thickness. Making pasta is easy: knead the dough by passing it through the rollers at the widest setting a few times. Then roll the pasta through the machine at increasingly thinner settings (I find that rolling it to the 5th or 6th setting is ideal). The removable cutter makes

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