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Emerilware Bread & Baguette Maker by T-Fal (Model 42EW705)

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Emerilware Bread & Baguette Maker

The Emerilware Bread & Baguette Maker

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The Bottom Line

An innovative baguette pan expands the versatility of this easy-to-use bread maker.
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  • A variety of settings, including gluten-free, salt-free, pasta, jam and dough only
  • Two mixing paddles for even mixing
  • A warming program allows you to reheat or add baking time in 10-minute increments
  • Machine designed to maximize counter space


  • Paddles often get stuck in the baked loaf
  • Loaf sizes begin at 2 pounds, which might be too big for some households


  • 14 preprogrammed settings
  • Loaf sizes include 2, 2.5 and 3 pounds
  • Three crust color settings
  • Removable rack and baguette pans to make four mini baguettes
  • Includes measuring beaker and spoon, finishing blade, brush and hook for pulling out kneading paddles
  • Beep indicates proper time to add mix-in ingredients
  • Comes with a recipe book and a set of recipe cards developed by Emeril Lagasse

Guide Review - Emerilware Bread & Baguette Maker by T-Fal (Model 42EW705)

I don't think I've seen Emeril Lagasse making bread on his shows, so I was wary of the new bread maker bearing his name. It turns out I shouldn't have been. Made by T-Fal, this machine is versatile and easy to use, and makes bread with a nice crisp crust and well-developed flavor and texture.

What sets the Emerilware Bread & Baguette Maker apart is the removable baguette baking rack, which makes four mini baguettes. It's a feature that I've never seen in any other bread maker. The only problem I found with the baguette cycle is the instruction manual doesn't indicate what weight the baguette dough should be, so it's difficult to adapt other recipes to make baguettes.

Another bonus is that the loaf pan is longer than other bread machine pans, making a more traditionally shaped loaf. The machine's two paddles help knead the dough more effectively in this longer pan (I consistently had problems removing the paddles from my baked bread, although luckily, there is a little tool included that helps pull them out of the hot loaf).

Three loaf sizes range from 2 to 3 pounds, which some people might think is too large. There are also three crust color options, and an automatic 1-hour warming cycle.

The fourteen bread settings include typical options like Basic White; Whole Wheat; Sweet; Express; and Dough. But there are also settings not found on every bread machine, including French; Gluten Free; Salt Free; Rye/Multi-Grain; Baguette; Cake; Jam and Pasta. A Warming cycle can reheat bread or add baking time.

The machine comes with a helpful instruction manual, a recipe book with 24 recipes, and an additional 12 recipe cards developed by Emeril himself.

Priced at $160, this machine is a good value, particularly if you a bread machine that does a little more than most.

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