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Zyliss Pizza Wheel (Item 72476)

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Zyliss Pizza cutter

The Zyliss pizza cutter is comfy to hold and easy to clean.

DKB Household USA

The Bottom Line

Zyliss' pizza cutter reinvents the wheel.
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  • Safer and easier to use than traditional pizza cutters
  • Takes apart for easy cleaning


  • Lacks a cover for the sharp blade


  • Stainless steel blade with beveled cutting edge and 1-inch thick cutting surface
  • Ergonomic plastic cover removes for cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Designed for use with either hand

Guide Review - Zyliss Pizza Wheel (Item 72476)

If you thought nobody could redesign the wheel, think again. Zyliss' Pizza Wheel puts a different spin on a traditional kitchen gadget. The tool is comprised of a stainless steel cutting disk, larger in size than a typical cutting disk, and a curved sheath of plastic that wraps around about half of the blade, acting as the handle. The plastic fits comfortably into your hand, and allows you to easily put more pressure on the blade, particularly when cutting through tough or crisp crusts.

Besides being more comfortable and easier to control than the typical pizza cutter that is on a long handle, the sheath swivels open to remove the blade for cleaning. Figuring out how to open it takes a little getting used to, but instructions and helpful arrows are embossed onto the plastic. And a fingertip-sized hole makes for a stable grip to pull the sharp blade out of the holder. The hole also can be used to hang the blade from a hook storage system, or to hook it over one of the tines in a dishwasher for cleaning.

In addition to pizza, the cutter can be used for cutting cookie or pie dough, sheets of homemade pasta, sandwiches or bar cookies.

The one drawback about this pizza wheel is that the blade is exposed when you store it in your gadgets drawer. But this is the case with pretty much any pizza wheel, and the blade doesn't seem sharp enough to nick a finger… it just looks a bit dangerous amidst the jumble of measuring spoons and melon ballers. But the company tells me that they're introducing an upgraded version of the Pizza Wheel that will include a convenient blade cover. The new pizza wheel will be available in early summer 2009, and the original pizza wheel will still be available.

The Zyliss Pizza Wheel has a suggested retail price of $9.99 and is available in red.

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