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Panasonic 5.5 Cup Rice Cooker with Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology SR NA-10

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The Bottom Line

You'll be able to do much more than cook perfect rice with this rice cooker.


  • A range of settings for a number of different types of foods
  • Nonstick cooking insert is easy to clean
  • Retractable cord keeps cooker neat on the counter or in the cabinet
  • Easy-to-use measuring cup and water-level measures marked on side of pot
  • Simple programming interface


  • Difficult to clean the residue that bubbles up through steam vent
  • Cooking times are longer than one might expect
  • Instruction manual is confusing and unhelpful
  • Not all cooking modes have a countdown timer


  • 5.5 cup capacity (11 cups cooked rice)
  • 2 preset timers and 12-hour keep-warm mode
  • Fuzzy logic technology adjusts cooking temperature based on type of rice
  • Nonstick cooking insert with dimpled bottom to prevent sticking
  • Includes measuring cup, steaming basket and rice scoop
  • Cool exterior and handle makes it easy to transport hot rice top the table
  • 8 menu settings include Regular; Quick Cook; Rinse Free; Sushi; Porridge; Steam; Brown Rice; Cake
  • 1 year limited warranty

Guide Review - Panasonic 5.5 Cup Rice Cooker with Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology SR NA-10

If you don't believe you need a rice cooker, the Panasonic 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker might change your mind. This appliance not only cooks perfect rice every time, but it can also steam vegetables, cook perfect steel-cut oatmeal, and even bake a small cake!

The cooker uses "fuzzy logic" technology, a buzzword in the rice-cooking category that basically means the machine makes adjustments to temperature and cooking times according to the type of rice being cooked. The result is perfect, evenly cooked rice every time.

This product is a step-up from a previous model, and improvements include a few new cooking settings, including "Rinse-Free" and "Cake," while the slow-cook function has gone by the wayside.

While the cake setting is a bit of a mystery to me—I can't imagine an occasion that I'd rather bake a cake in the rice cooker instead of the oven—the new "Rinse-Free" setting was a welcome addition, allowing you to eliminate the tedious task of rinsing your rice repeatedly in cold water before starting the cooking process, which is nice if you're stretched for time.

The timer and keep-warm functions are welcome features; since rice made in a rice cooker often takes longer than making it on the stovetop (white rice takes about 50 minutes in the cooker, as opposed to about 20 minutes on the stove). I can set up the cooker in the morning and when I get home at the end of the day, my rice has already started cooking, so it'll be ready by the time I whip up a quick stir-fry. In the keep-warm setting, the rice keeps for hours without noticeably drying out.

My main complaint is that not all of the settings have a countdown feature so you can see how long it will take your rice to cook. I was shocked, for instance, the first time I made brown rice, to discover that it takes 2 hours!

This cooker also comes in a 10-cup size (model SR-NA18).

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