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Nests into a saucepan to steam foods.
Calphalon Universal Steamer Insert

Calphalon Universal Steamer Insert



A steamer insert has a perforated bottom and fits on top of another pot. It should have a snug-fitting lid so that the simmering water from the bottom pot can rise through the holes in the base and be contained within the steamer to gently heat or cook the food. Often you can find steamer inserts sold as a package with the appropriately sized saucepan and a lid which fits them both. Otherwise, be sure that the steamer you buy will snugly fit one of your pots. The steamer should be made of stainless steel.

Use it for:

Steaming vegetables, shellfish, Asian dumplings or buns, tamales and more. Can also double as a colander

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Calphalon Universal Steamer Insert

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