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Guide to Kitchen Gifts and Gifts for Cooks

Find the perfect gift for every type of cook


Are you shopping for the perfect gift for the cooks and food lovers in your life? I'm here to help. I've scoured the stores (both online and brick-and-mortar) to bring you some of the most innovative, appealing gifts for the cooks on your holiday gift list.

Ethnic Cooking Gifts

Staub Tagine

For an adventurous cook who loves to explore international cuisines, tools for making anything from sushi to pasta to Danish pancakes will inspire them to broaden their culinary horizons.

10 Green Gifts

Kitchen Composter

Gift responsibly with eco-friendly kitchenware. These products are good for the environment.

Top Gifts for Cooking With Kids

Kinderkitchen Mouse Measuring Cups
More and more kids are becoming interested in cooking and sharing time in the kitchen with their parents. These fun but functional kitchen tools will help whet their appetite for a lifetime love of cooking.

Molecular Gastronomy Gift Guide

Smoking Gun

Molecular gastronomy, the practice of cooking with scientific principals, is one of the hottest culinary trends - and now it's possible to try it out at home! These gifts will inspire science-minded home chefs.

Gifts for Aspiring Professional Chefs

Linden Sweden Knife Rack
Linden Sweden
If there's someone on your gift list who watches the Food Network religiously and fantasizes about trading places with Thomas Keller for a day, you can't go wrong with a professional-quality piece of cooking equipment that they'll be proud to use and display in their kitchen.

The Latest Kitchen Gadget Gifts

Amco 2-in-1 Rotating Brush
Creative and well-designed, kitchen gadgets make a great gift for anyone who's into cooking. The latest crop of tools boast clever touches that will make your work in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.

Gifts for Entertaining at Home

Crock-Pot Trio
For the person on your gift lists who loves throwing dinner parties and entertaining at home, here are some ideas for gifts that he or she can put to good use at the next soiree.

Gifts for the Foodie Family

Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver
Everyone knows that type of family that bonds over favorite pizza toppings, stays in on Friday nights to bake cookies, and whose kitchen is the hub of their home. Perhaps it's even your own family! These gifts are meant especially for the whole family to enjoy.

Gifts for Bakers

Edge Brownie Pan
Bakers Edge
For some, baking is a passion. They love precisely measuring out their ingredients, they live for the feel of dough being kneaded under their palms, and their kitchen always smells deliciously of freshly baked cookies or bread. These special gifts will help fuel their love for all things baked.

Gifts for the Cook Who Has Everything

Lagostina Pastaiola
You know that person who can't walk past a kitchenware store without coming out with a new saute pan or a set of hand-carved wooden spoons? They might seem impossible to buy for, since they don't hesitate to buy more and more items to indulge their love for cooking, but I've found a few items that I'll bet they don't have.

Inexpensive Kitchenware Stocking Stuffers

PrepTaxi Measuring Scoop
These fun and colorful gizmos and gadgets are perfect stocking stuffers for your favorite cook's Christmas stocking. Add a few jars of exotic spices, a sack of sea salt, and some brightly colored silicone spatulas, and you'll be all set.

Jessica's Top Holiday Cooking Equipment Gifts

Atlas Marcato Pasta Maker
Jessica Harlan
Still stumped? Here are some of my top suggestions for holiday gifts for cooks.

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