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Buying Advice: Cooking Equipment Reviews and Recommendations


How do you know what cooking equipment you'll need? It all depends on what your cooking style is. Be aware of which pieces of equipment are the most versatile and useful.
  1. Cooking Equipment Basics
  2. Cooking Equipment Gifts
  3. Holidays and Entertaining
  4. Cookware and Cutlery
  5. Appliances that Cook
  1. Products that Mix and Blend
  2. Baking Appliances and Tools
  3. Gadgets and Tools
  4. Miscellaneous Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment Basics

Cuisinart Food Processor

Where to begin? There are a number of must-have pieces of cooking equipment that every kitchen needs. Start with these, and build your kitchen assortment from there.

Cooking Equipment Gifts

cooking equipment gifts

Cooking equipment makes great gifts, whether for an accomplished cook or a kitchen neophyte. These ideas will help you find the perfect gift.

Holidays and Entertaining

Calphalon Roasting Pan

Serving a holiday meal or hosting a party is much easier if you have the right cooking equipment. Here's what you need to cook for special events.

Cookware and Cutlery

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Cookware and cutlery can vary widely in price, design and the materials with which they're crafted. You'll want to be well informed on what cookware and cutlery would be best for you before heading out to shop.

Appliances that Cook

Breville Indoor Grill

The true definition of cooking is preparing food for eating through a heating process. And it's not just a stove or an oven that can accomplish this. Indoor grills and griddles, slow cookers, pressure cookers, rice cookers and other appliances all make meals by means of raising the temperature.

Products that Mix and Blend

KitchenAid Blender

Stand mixers, blenders and food processors are indispensable for pureeing and combining ingredients. These tools come in handy for all types of baking and cooking tasks.

Baking Appliances and Tools

Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme

If you love to bake, there's a whole set of appliances and tools that will help you make your hobby even more enjoyable.

Gadgets and Tools

OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer

Cleverly designed kitchen tools can make nearly any task easier and more efficient, whether it's peeling a vegetable, chopping mushrooms or coring an apple.

Miscellaneous Cooking Equipment

Chef'n citrus juicer

Looking for something special? Here is advice, reviews and other information on a variety of cooking equipment.

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