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Can’t-Miss Kitchen Products


Take a look at some fun kitchenware products that were showcased at the recent Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market, a trade show for retailers to find the latest and greatest products with which to stock their shelves. From cleverly designed cookware to a new way of serving salad, these products are sure to make your kitchen and dining room a little more stylish and efficient.

1. MYdrap Cotton Napkins and Placemats

MyDrap Cotton Napkins and Placemats
Jessica Harlan
If you’re looking for a stylish, eco-friendlier alternative to paper napkins, check out MYdrap. These semi-disposable cotton napkins and placemats come on a roll; just tear one off at the perforations to use. They’re machine washable and reusable for about 6 times, and then you can compost, recycle or otherwise dispose of them (they’re biodegradeable, so no need to feel guilty if they end up in the trash). The 22 options of solid and patterns are coordinated so you can set a fun table, and there are four sizes of napkins (cocktail, luncheon, dinner and premium dinner), plus placemats.
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2. Snapi Single-Handed Server

Snapi salad server
Jessica Harlan
Dish out a salad, serve up some pasta or grab an ear of corn with The Snapi Single Handed Server. The clamshell-shaped tool grabs a perfect serving’s worth of food and holds it securely while you transport it to a waiting plate. It’s made of dishwasher safe, BPA-free plastic with a bonded rubber surface at the grip. A button locks it shut for storage in a drawer.
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3. Tovolo Better Batter Tool

Tovolo Better Batter Tool
Jessica Harlan
The Better Batter Tool solves a myriad of batter-stirring conundrums: The space between its tines keep pancake and brownie batter from clumping in the middle as it does with traditional whisks. The rubbery silicone fins on each tine can scrape the sides of the bowl. And its heat-resistant properties mean you can also use it on the stovetop for custards and gravies (or for stirring and breaking up ground meat in a skillet. It comes in seven colors to complement any décor.
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4. Fundix Cast Aluminum Cookware

Fundix Cast Aluminum Cookware
Jessica Harlan
A centuries-old Spanish foundry, best known for its casts of church bells and statues, is the maker of this cast aluminum cookware. Its most unusual feature is a removable handle, which screws on and off to make the cookware easier to store or fit in the dishwasher, and which also makes it safe for use in the oven. Most handles are even interchangeable between pieces. The handles come with black, orange, green, red or stainless steel insets for a touch of style, and the interior of the cookware is coated in a PFOA-free nonstick surface. The cookware is induction compatible. A slightly more upscale line from the same company, Vulcano, features built-in silicone handles for use in the oven and lids with a silicone edge for a better seal.
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5. Silpat Entremet Pan

This little pan is destined to be your new favorite baking pan. Made of silicone that’s been reinforced with fiberglass mesh so it holds its shape, this 10- by 13 3/4-inch pan is 1 inch tall and is the ideal shape for cakes, brownies, gratins, casseroles, deep-dish pizza, molded confections like marshmallows and fruit jellies, and more. The nonstick properties of silicone means that the food will be easy to remove, and the pan is safe to use in the microwave, oven and freezer. Since it’s made of silicone, the pan is flexible; sure to place it on a baking sheet so that it’s easy to transport, it fits perfectly on a standard 13- by 9-inch sheet pan.

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