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Review of Crock-Pot Programmable 6-Quart Oval Slow Cooker

Reader Reviews: Slow Cookers or Crock Pots

User Rating 1 Star Rating

By bholt

Slow Cookers

Slow Cooker Brand and Model: 

Crockpot - SCVC609C-SS

My Review 

I received this Crock-Pot as a wedding gift in October of 2010. I probably used it a total of 20 times between then and now, February 2012. It was under a 1 year warranty. I really enjoyed being able to put food in, go to work, and have it ready when I came home. The one and only time I put it on high for 4 hours was at the beginning of this month. When I washed it, I noticed a crack across the entire bottom and up the sides of the crock. I was very disappointed. Some liquid had even leaked out of the crock and left black marks where it had burnt onto the outer part of the crockpot. I called customer service and told them and they said it was out of warranty and I had to order a new one for $15. Ridiculous! I now see why the warranty only lasts for 1 year - it breaks beyond that! I would not recommend this crockpot to others. It could easily cause an electrical fire if the liquid is leaking out.

Favorite Features: 

Ease of use.

How could this slow cooker be improved? 

The crock itself should be under an extended warranty. It's made of stone!

Cost of the Slow Cooker: 

It was a gift - unsure.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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