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Reader Stories: Why I Love to Cook


Most people who love to cook can trace their passion back to a formative experience or a friend or relative who instilled in them a culinary passion. Share your story on how you came to love cooking, what you love to cook, and advice you'd share with other cooks.

From a 12-Year-Old Cook

I taught myself although my dad does have a cooking background i am tons more passionate about cooking and a lot of times my parents don't understand that I can't live without cooking at least one a …More

Being Frugal Made Me Creative

My grandmother and mom showed me the basics from an early age. I actually learned to cook from fresh ingredients at one of my previous jobs on accident. I was a cook at a restaurant that made their m…More

A Former Line Cook Finds Inspiration

On my own and working in an Italian restaurant, cooking shows, books, and food sites. As I stated above, my mother introduced me. I followed tips from watching my grandmothers and cooking shows. The …More

Cooking With Love is the Best Way

My parents taught me my first steps in cooking. Mom is an amazing teacher in picking vegetables and buying meat!! Later I learned a lot from my sister in law who is a very accomplished cook. Since ch…More

A Passion Since Childhood

My mom to start with and I've always tried different things and was not to bad at it. Then I moved into the place I'm at now and got the Food Network and my cooking has gone from OK to WOW. I've lear…More

500 Cookbooks and Counting

My parents began my education. My husband, a chef, enhanced what I learned. I watched tons of cooking shows. I own easily 500 cookbooks and have read more than twice that amount. Making mistakes has …More

Have Chef's Knife, Will Travel

I'm fairly self-taught. My mom always made tasty food, but wasn't that into cooking, but she let me mess up her kitchen and use her cookbooks when I was growing up so I would look up recipes for thin…More

Dinner With Family is One of Life's Joys

Mostly, I'm a self-taught cook. I think that Craig Claiborne/ Pierre Franey's 60 Minute Gourmet was the book that converted me from someone who just read recipes and got dinner on the table to someon…More

An Inspired Vegetarian

Self-taught out of necessity as a teen, and also worked in many restaurants in high school and college. I read cookbooks like novels and cook all the time. About 8 months ago, I started cooking lunch…More

I Only Want to Eat Foods That Taste Really Good!

I learned on my own at a young age, then went to cooking school as an adult. After I discovered how much I enjoyed cooking, I just wanted to learn more! And the more I learned, the more I wanted to l…More

I love recreating what I taste in restaurants

The thing I miss the most in other people's kitchens or when I'm on vacation is a good knife, preferably a chef's knife and a paring knife. Most other things I can do without. In fact, living in a sm…More

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